Jardiance: A trial drug for Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Lessening the leading cause of death for Diabetes Patients: A recent clinical trial with the drug, Jardiance, may produce a significant reduction of the risk of heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular deaths.

  • Total of 26 million Americans have Type 2 Diabetes. Four in every five Type 2 Diabetes patients will die from heart problems.
  • A total of 7,020 were part of a two and a half year Jardiance study. Last year, Jardiance received FDA approval for use in lowering blood sugar in Type 2 Diabetes patients.
  • The study results, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, included a 14% reduction of the risk having a heart attack or stroke, and a 38% less risk of having cardiovascular death. This is the first blood sugar lowering pill to have these results.
  • Jardiance is not appropriate for Type 1 Diabetes patients.

Researchers at the UC Irvine Diabetes Center continue to seek ways of lessening the heart complications of diabetes.

According to Dr. Wang
“Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death among diabetes patients. Despite oral diabetes medications that can lower glucose levels for patients with Type 2 diabetes, most oral medications have failed to improve cardiovascular outcome or prolong patient survival. If the results of this study can be verified with additional trials, the strategy of prioritizing oral diabetes medication therapy will need to be revised.”

Click Here for a detailed article about Jardiance from The New York Times.


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