Congratulations Dr. Yang!

I would like to congratulate Dr. Qin Yang, who was selected to receive the Dean’s Junior Physician/Scientist Award for junior physician/scientists whose research has been outstanding in clinical or basic science.

He was honored along with just one other UCI researcher on June 7, 2016 at the annual Athalie Clarke Awards Luncheon.

Dr Yang Award 1_webDr Yang Award 2_web

Dr. Yang is a Harvard-trained physician and scientist whose laboratory is focused on the fat tissue and how it contributes to the development of diabetes. His team is developing novel strategies to transform fat tissue from a burden of metabolism into a calorie-burning organ, in which excessive food energy will be “burned” instead of being stored. The ultimate goal of this laboratory is to discover novel treatment for obesity, diabetes, and its related cardiovascular complications.

Congratulations, Dr. Yang, and thank you for all the work that you do!

Ping H. Wang, MD
Director, UC Irvine Diabetes Center

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